About me


Its all about Astronomy!

Hi, my name is Umair Asim and I am an amateur astronomer from Lahore, Pakistan.

I have an Astronomical Observatory at the rooftop of my home (31.28 North, 74.22 East). I have been using my scope since 2004.

I do visual observations mostly with Negler eyepieces, planetary imaging with ‘The Imaging Source Camera’ and deep sky objects with SBIG ST9XE CCD camera. All my images are taken from a much light polluted skies of Lahore city.

Public outreach for stars is another great passion of mine and with the collaboration of Khwarizmi Science Society, Lahore Astronomical Society and the Society of the Sun, i have participated in many many public star parties in many cities of Pakistan.

I work as a Sr. Vice Principal at Farooqi Girls High School, Lahore.