Powermate 5X and lunt 60 telescope

Today i tried PM 5X with my 'humble' 60mm solar scope. No one would recommend 5X barlow to be used with 60mm aperture but i was trying anyway and the result..? back to my 2.5X powermate.

The resolution was damaged so bad that careful processing was failing to find fine details.. seeing was not good either. I will share a couple of images later.

So today i tried to take Flats with hydrogen alpha scope. With normal telescopes, good flats field images are not easily acquired and with halpha telescopes where the light source is already not 'flat' (solar surface is full of dark and bright lines/patches), good flats are almost impossible to make.

First i focused on a comparably flat area and then tried a plain white paper in front of the objective lens.. the screen went totally dark, even 5 seconds of exposure could not make out any reasonable flat frame. I then tried a plain white but thin cotton cloth and on the screen there it was a nice flat frame in the view.. a few setting and a perfect frame was there.