Asteroid 139 Juewa video


This is from last night. This asteroid is from main belt and was first discovered in China by an American Astronomer in 19th century.

These images were taken from 12:18 - 12:58 yesterday night. There are total of 40 frames, here running at 10 frames per second. Each frame is of 30 seconds exposure in Astrodon V filter.

My back on the hand calculation says, it is moving at about 400 km/sec..Thats fast! Is that right?

Equipment: Celestron C14 Telescope

Mount: Losmandy Titan

Camera: SBIG ST9XE CCD Camera, internally guided

Software: FocusMax, MaximDL, Pinpoint, SkyX Pro

Here is a stacked image of all these ~ 40 frames. The streak is the path it took while imaging.