'LAST' April monthly meeting

Last night meeting of 'Lahore Astronomical Society' was great.. We had two presentations: Syed Roshaan was to talk about basic astronomical imaging skills with simple equipment that anybody can have.. next Maroof Mian was talking about Life cycles of stars.

Maroof did a great job in explaining details of each steps involved in stellar life, from birth to death. He also talked about why a star behaves the way it behaves, using HR diagram. We and those who are new to astronomy loved every bit of it.

The content in Syed Roshaan's talk was arranged in such a way that he managed to teach many different ways of his own learning curve in a very simple way. I was very impressed with his skills and the deep passion he has for imaging with such simple tools. I should be doing much more than what i currently am Roshaan :)

Oh and last but not the least, my son was there and he just loves this stuff.. We have much more in common other than our genes :)