New toy in Observatory

I always have survived with my mount for the last 12 years, without something that i thought is not needed.

Back in 2003. There were no GPS in mobile phones. I bought a Garmin GPS specially from USA to know my coordinates. It worked all fine!

Then Mobile phones introduced GPS and there was no need to have a separate GPS receiver. I have been using this whenever i want to locate the geo-position for any of my mount. It has been working fine!

But there is some project which need very accurate time registration in Photometry and Astrometry. I have been using internet atomic clocks to synchronize my computer clock so far. But i decided to get a proper dedicated GPS for my mount now.

It arrived today at the observatory and i have installed it in the mount tonight. It has a cable with it because GPS receiver works best when not in the vicinity of any metal which is what a mount if made of.

I turned on the mount, the Gemini 2 control indicated it has detected a GPS attached and has updated tit with the GPS data. Now there will be one less step in my setup for the imaging runs.