Mouse in the Observatory

Yesterday i thought to get some Photometry data because the fog was not intense and the humidity was 70% in the evening. Little did i expect what was for me there in the observatory!

When i opened the Human Room, THIS is what i saw:

Two wires have been cut (marked with arrows, showing both ends) and some polystyrene sheet has been damaged. Immediately a picture of the mouse appeared in my mind.. this is bad!

I tried to find the mouse inside the room but it is filled with a million things. I knew he must be hiding now somewhere here and perhaps he is not even here right now but i had to do a thorough search.

Finally i found him.. the enemy was hiding deep in the back corner of the freezer. I tried to convince him logically that he cannot live on my planet and he should go back to his own but for some unknown reasons, he did not respond.

Then i had to do what an angry Samurai would do.. I threatened him with my martial arts skills. He got furious and suddenly jumped and started running everywhere. Believe me, when it moved, it moved faster than the speed of light (no disrespect to Einstein).

I tried to show him the outdoors respectfully but he was in no mood to move out. At one point, i lost him. Tried to locate him everywhere but in no vain. May be he has gone out of the room after all but i had to confirm it.

Suddenly i remembered that i have a Thermal Imaging Camera from Seek Thermal which can be attached to the iPhone. Immediately connected it and started scanning the room. It was not on the floor or behind the wires or tables.. perhaps the thermal camera cannot pick out his heat signature.

But then when i pointed the camera on the wall.. I saw this view:

Right is the normal view and left is what Thermal Camera is showing me. The devil was inside the wall!!! This is becoming so Tom and Jerry now!

I finally made so much noise and hits to the wall that he came out and after another 10 minutes or so of me being chasing him out, he finally decided to end my cardio and left with the grace of Splinter (yes, i was also a child once!)