Lahore Astronomical Society's October Meeting

I am very grateful to all those who came this evening in our monthly meeting. It was also great to see so many students from Space Science Department.

Ali Khan, our head of ATM (Amateur Telescope Making) gave a thorough introduction of mirror making and then how to make a telescope. The grinding methods and polishing was beautifully explained by showing each step with the mirrors in hands. He also described some key terminologies and the advantages and disadvantages of various configurations of the mirror designs. Many attendees asked important questions of the procedure of grinding techniques and Ali, as he always does, came up with easy to understand words/examples that kept us hooked during his whole lecture. He was thanked with a big round of applause.

World Space Week will be very busy for us.. So many vanues were under discussion. FC college will probably be our first venue with solar observations both with white light solar filters and with Halpha dedicated solar telescopes.

And last but not least, we are definitely going to Thandiani, Abbottabad and the number of participants are growing so fast.. Perfect!

These are the pictures taken by our dear member Mudassir, who is always great with his camera.