January 14, 2019

Imaged asteroid 433 Eros and did some photometry on a variable star in Taurus. Wind has just increased. Telescope is in ‘home position’.

January 13, 2019

A bit windy today.. Taking positional data on asteroids and experimenting on M42 nebula with filters. Seeing is also not very cooperating.

April 7, 2018

One of the fellow observer wanted me to collimate his newtonian and give him a detailed tour on how to use his AVX mount. He brought his scope and we did all of that.

Few more came and we had a great night here at Zeds.

April 4, 2018

I have pulled out my main SBIG CCD cmaera setup from C14 telescope now. The only reason is the heavy light pollution from Khyaban e Iqbal road.

ZWO ASI 174 planetary camera is back in C14 now and these day i am taking high resolution lunar images.

4 December, 2017

Changed the settings of C14 telescope from Planetary Imaging to Deep Sky Setup. 

Rebalanced everything.. Cables were reattached with the CCD Camera and other accessories. 

Popar Alignment was a success. 

Pointing model was made with Tpoint.


2 October, 2017

Came back from the mountains. Camera is installed back in C14.

Imaged a few areas on the moon. Sky was very hazy.. no star was visble; could only see the moon. 

14 July, 2017

Monsoon season has started.. telescope is not being used. 

I have tested once the new ZWO 174 mono camera.. but have yet to processed the files.

6 July, 2017

Met a few visitors at the observatory and planned future events.

My observatory laptop is having trouble. . The charger does not seem to work on the battery.

5 July, 2017

New planteray camera, ZWO 174 mono had its first light! 

The sky was horrible with extreme haze (jupiter was invisible with the naked eye), but i tried this camera and CBSAP triplet 127 refractor combination. The results were stunning!!

1 June, 2017

An asteriod was imaged in Luminance filter for more than an hour. 

2 hours of Luminance data for M27 nebula was aqcuired. 

Visitors at the observatory saw Jupiter, Saturn and Moon. 

12 June, 2017

Some test images of Saturn with the big telescope and CCD. 

Photometry of W Lyr in BVI photometric filters. 

5 June, 2017

Sky is very hazy tonight.. Arcturus is barely visible!

Comet C/2015 V2 Johnson is to be the brightest tonight.. I kept of taking images of it. Each 60 seconds long in Luminance Filter. Made an animation of 3 hours of conitnuous data.  

Nothing else could be done tonight. 

1 June, 2017

Multiple runs for the inherent Periodic Error Corrections of the mount tonight.

At the end made a very very good Periodic Error Correction Curve!! 

Measured the position of 'planet' Pluto. 

Tested recently made new Pointing model of the scope and it is working flawlessly!!

31 May, 2017

Updated the 'Main board Firmware' of Gemini Control.

Rebalanced the Titan Mount.

Made a new Pointing Model.. not happy with the final readings.. will try it again.

29 May, 2017

Windy nights these days. 

Tried to make another pointing model with Tpoint and SkyX.. Halfway through, have to abondon it. High winds were not helping! 

Tomorrow, will give it another try. 

27 May, 2017

It was slightly windy. 

Grabbed an hour of data of an asteroid; later of which astrometric position will be found and sent to the Internatinal Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center.

Tried to image Tabby's Star but the wind gusts were too high for any meaningful autoguiding to work properly. 

Waited for a couple of hours with no luck. 

26 May, 2017

Gusts of wind were troubling me to get a good guiding in the first part of the night. I was truing to obtain Photometric V band data of 'Tabby's Star'. Had to leave it because guiding was being impossible! Though managed to grab a few 60 second unguided exposures.

Found Pluto and got a decent Luminance data of the 'Planet'. 

25 May, 2017

Got some photometric readings of 'Tabby's Star' in V and I band with good SNR.

Also grabbed about an hour's worth of Luminance Data of M27 nebula. 

Guiding was not behaving after about 50 minutes, both for Tabby's Star and M27. This has never happened before. 

Tested my southern most imaging possibilty tonight as well.. a bright star (~mag 3) appeared at around 10 degrees of southern altitude. I believe Omega Centauri can be imaged (poorly of course) from my observatory.

Did some experiments with new techniques for taking Flat Frames.. which were unsuccessful.  

23 May, 2017

Spent 3 hours on aqcuiring a continuous data of an asteroid. Hopefully this will give me a light curve as well, along with the usual astrometric information.