17 November, 2016


Dark frames of 30 Seconds are being exposed.


Slewed the telescope to V0725 Tau star. Since the star is comparatively low in the sky, it makes sense to start taking the I band data.

Focused the system to a near by 4.5 magnitude star.


Got 130 frames of I band with 15 seconds of exposure. Tonight i want to add V band as well.

Checked the exposure time of V0725 Tau star and it turns out that it is dim (as stars usually are) in V band. A 30 seconds of exposure gives me a peak pixel value of around 50k. Generally this is not a good value for photometry data but fortunately i have a NABG CCD so for me, it is all fine!


Guide star acquired and now my mount is being guided at 1 Hz, which is very nice indeed. The data is being collected now in V band.


After V data, V0725 Tau star is still in the eastern hemisphere. I am going to attempt some B band too.

As expected The star is dimmest in B band. A 60 seconds of exposure will do. Autoguiding is set to 0.4 Hz. 


Just Hit the "Take Series" knob in the Sky X Pro.


BVI done. Now time to take some flats. Arranged the scope for my flat acquisition setup. I would take at least 100 Flats for B and V filters. I already have a library for I filter.


Data reduced and all three BVI photometry bands are analysed. Submitted to AAVSO.