21 November, 2016


Came to the observatory at maghrib (sunset), getting everything ready for tonight's imaging. Have an astrometry of some asteroids in mind. Let's see if i could find some decent targets.


arrgghhh.. clouds came! Closed the roof immediately.


The sky is completely covered with clouds now.

I have started taking Dark frames of 600 seconds each.


Clouds are getting thicker.. nothing up there i can do now. Time to play with the images i already have.. and i have plenty to survive me weeks.


Attempting to make an animation from my last lunar images.

Animation is successful.


Sky is clear now but the haze is there. I am powering up the observatory now.


Found a good target which is bright enough to be imaged in this hazy sky.. an asteroid. It took me about 40 minutes to move the telescope to the correct position. Plate solving was being very difficult because stars' light is not reaching to the CCD.


Got a good amount of data of an asteroid. 

Now a patch of cloud is right at the zenith.. waiting for it to move away so i can resume another asteroid imaging.


The sky is clear again.. Now imaging 468 Pippa in luminance filter.


Cloud cover.. observatory is closed now.