27 November, 2016


Slided the roof out. Sky is very good at the moment.


The Sky X is showing NGC 891 to be at a very good position and this is an edge on galaxy and one my my most favourite one.

Lets take some luminance data of this galaxy, before i start doing some serious work :)


Focused the system and now a magnitude 10.37 star is guiding the mount at 2.2 Hz, which is very good!

First image came nice.. this is such a beautiful galaxy.


27 images have been downloaded, each of 60 seconds. I have decided to keep single exposures short, even though guiding is at 2.2 Hz. This will keep me safe, if anything bad happens with the guiding.

The USB camera cable just got disconnected! After reconnecting, i saw the image was right in the center. More photons from NGC 891 are coming through and being captured at my camera chip.


Just realized, i have no started periodic error connection on my mount, it is working now.


Still getting more of NGC 891. This galaxy has passed the maridian line but my mount can track some a few degrees before it needs to flip and change side.


Got some luminance data on Eskimo Nebula and an interacting galaxies' pair. 

Also some astrometry of an asteroid. 

Observatory is closed now.