14 May, 2017

Losmandy Titan mount without a doubt an outstanding mount! After using it for almost 15 years, i still am impressed by the quality of its performance. Carring C14 and a load of 5 instruments on its back, it still gives me superb performance.. very very happy with this machine and it is half the cost of Paramount!! 

Over the years, i have been using it with first serial connection, then USB and tonight i connected it with the ethernet cable.. configured the network settings and there you go.. all the controls with so many options are now on the web browser!

Fiest thing i did is to update main board firmware and hand control firmare. It took some time to figure out things but finally got it done. 

There are many new changes in the update but one of the feature which i am most excited about is a change in the pointing algorithm. A few goto tests did show clear improvement. I will however thoroughly test it in a couple of days to come.

I also changed the park position of the scopw tonight. 

A night well spent at the observatory.