I still remember that beautiful evening, when Omer and Irshad showed me Jupiter with a 2.5 inch Bushnell refractor. Ah.. I would never be able to find words for those moments. I was actually, genuinely, in reality seeing a planet with my own two humble eyes! The two black lines were clearly visible, three moons were there, a miniature solar system and i.. i was watching it.. a poor creature here on a tiny planet. 

I totally fell in love with the universe and more, i was so amazed by the miraculous power of a 2.5 inch lens. There and then i wanted to have a telescope!

This memory has always been with me and now, when i have Celestron C14 telescope with 14 inch mirror, i never forget those eyes still waiting for the views of galaxies, nebulae, planets, sun and moon.. oh and yes the mighty Jupiter with those two black lines :)

So our journey continues... me and C14.. made for each other!

I must elaborate that all this has been possible by the immense help Khwarizmi Science Society and Lahore Astronomical Society has always been providing me. I am really thankful to each and every person working voluntarily in these societies.